• LP Gateways Partnership


    LP Gateways is a partnership between the Lake Park HS Educational Foundation and Transition Assistance Program (TAP).  The purpose of LP Gateways is to raise funds for all Lake Park students who receive special education services to participate in a continuum of coordinated transition activities which support post-secondary goals.  

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    Thank you to Wingstop for a very generous grant to assist the Lake Bark Bakery!

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    Below are examples of approved uses of the funds:

    • Fees for entrance exams, applications, non accredited courses, and assessment fees
    • Tools and resources to support executive functioning and organizational skills
    • Disability Awareness Workshops 
    • Certifications and training specific to a vocation
    • Guest speakers and/or tours
    • Equipment or uniforms 
    • Low-tech devices/tools
    • Public transportation training 
    • Hygiene and personal care kits
    • Registration fees for recreational programming

    TAP provides a continuum of special education services for students with disabilities following the completion of four academic years of high school. TAP provides students with functional life skills and vocational instruction. Transition creates a "bridge" between school and adult life for students with disabilities.  One program of TAP is Lake Bark Bakery.

    Lake Bark Bakery is a student-centered entrepreneurial project to promote community involvement and work skills in an authentic way. Students participate in all aspects of the project, including shopping for supplies and ingredients, following a recipe, packaging, and sales. Lake Bark Cafe also develops and promotes teamwork, task completion, time management, and self-advocacy skills. 

    Make an online donation to support the LP Gateways Partnership!

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