• The purpose of e-Learning days is to allow Lake Park High School to continue the curriculum forward.


  • A decision to conduct an e-Learning day will be announced as early as possible via the website and using the District’s automated notification system to send an email and text message. Teachers will share lessons and expectations through Google Classroom. If the e-Learning day is called for an emergency, teachers will have until 8:15 a.m. on the morning of the e-Learning day to post the assignment.


  • Emergency closings due to inclement weather can prove challenging and will require more flexibility by everyone. Our e-Learning days are purposely set up as an asynchronous experience to provide flexibility for both the students and the staff while also recognizing that power outages and/or difficulties with internet access may also accompany severe weather events that cause school closings. Teachers will be monitoring their email during the school day.


  • Students are required to visit the Student Launchpad (lphs.org/launchpad) and click the link to fill out a Google Form that will log their attendance for the day, (also available on lphs.org) due by noon. Students who are sick or who are unable to log into Google Classroom before noon on an e-Learning Day still need to be called in by a parent/guardian by 3:00 p.m. Students who do not comply with this expectation will be marked unaccounted for the day. Parents/Guardians should call the attendance line to report students as “absent” for the e-Learning Day, like they would on a normal school day.

    LPHS Attendance Line: East Campus (630) 295-5232; West Campus (630) 295-5332


  • Should teachers or students encounter any technical issues on an e-Learning day, the technology staff and the administration will be available, as they are also working during the e-Learning day. Extended time to complete assignments may be granted for extenuating circumstances such as power or internet outages or appropriate student needs. Please coordinate with the appropriate teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This Frequently Asked Questions document provides more specific information about e-Learning days. Lake Park is excited to have this option available that provides students with an opportunity to move the curriculum forward during inclement weather.