Driver Education Department

  • Students are required to take seven semesters of Physical Education and one semester of Health. Students who take Driver Education at Lake Park during the school year are waived from one semester of Physical Education. If a student elects to take Driver Education during the summer school session or outside Lake Park, the student will be assigned to two semesters of Physical Education during the school year. Likewise, if a student chooses not to take Driver Education at all, then the student will be enrolled in Physical Education in place of Driver Education. Students may not substitute another course in place of Driver Education in their schedule.
    Jeff Henrikson, Driver Education Coordinator

    * Please note that Driver Education will not be offered during summer school.

    Dear Lake Park Parents/Guardians and Students enrolled in Second Semester Driver Education, 

    You are cordially invited to attend Lake Park High School’s Virtual Driver Education Program Night for all parents/guardians and students who are currently scheduled for Second Semester Driver Education only. 

    If Driver Education has been completed - or will be completed - outside of Lake Park, please notify the Counseling Office immediately at to adjust your student’s schedule accordingly.  

    This virtual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9 at 5:30 p.m. The parent meeting will occur remotely using Google Hangout. Please have your student access their Google Classroom for the link to attend the meeting. 

    Discussion items will include:

    1. Students will be taking their permit test during the remote parent meeting. The link and school code will be shared via Google Classroom after the meeting begins.
    2. After passing the test, students will pick up their permit application - Location/Time TBA
    3. Families will then take the permit application to the Secretary of State’s Office to obtain their permit and will be required to take an eye exam while onsite. Cost is $20.

    We are proud to continue offering our Driver Education course during this pandemic. The health and safety of our students and staff will remain our top priority as we continue to follow the guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health Guidelines and the Illinois State Board of Education.

    If you would like more information about our program, contact Jeff Henrikson at


    Jeff Henrikson – Physical, Health, Driver Education Curriculum Leader & Driver Education Coordinator
    James Chellson – Summer School Driver Education Coordinator