Lake Park High School District 108

Learning Together for Success

School Colors
White and Navy

The Lancers
Loyalty Song
Stand and Cheer for Lake Park High,
Pledge your loyalty.
We are her sons and daughters faithful and true,
And we will keep her banners high!
Rah, Rah, Rah,
Fight team fight for victory,
For we know that you can win.
Let's have a Hail, Hail,
The gangs all here,
We're from good old Lake Park High!
Alma Mater
Hail to thee, O Alma Mater true,
Your colors white and blue.
Through the years we'll hold your banners high,
Your glories magnify.
Though we journey to a distant shore,
We'll remain true Lancers evermore.
O Alma Mater hail;
O Lake Park High all hail.