Tabletop Gaming Club


    Who We Are

    The Tabletop Gaming Club (TGC) is a group for students who enjoy any strategy, fantasy, cooperative, adventure, role-playing, or deck-building games.  Games like Magic the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons are the backbone of our club, but we enjoy tabletop games of all types.  We are student-led, teacher-sponsored, and open to anyone who shares our love for tabletop gaming.

    Our Philosophy

    We believe that tabletop games are some of the most positive and engaging forms of social interaction.  Games promote critical thinking and problem-solving.  They test our adaptabilty; they require strategic cooperation; they create exciting competition.  In the spirit of fun, we form bonds with other players and develop friendships that extend far beyond the game.

    Join Us

    Come to one of our meetings!  There's plenty of people to meet and play games with.  The environment is lively and casual.  If you can, bring a game you like to play or bring a friend to play with.  We'll play your game with you, or you can play one of our games with us.

    When & Where We Meet

    We usually meet a few times per month at East Campus.  Meeting dates vary throughout the year, so join our Remind list to get up-to-date meeting announcements and reminders.  You can also email Mr. Foleno at or just stop by Room 198 to learn more.




    Michael Foleno

    Text @b6e8f6 to 81010 to follow


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