SAT Prep Course

  • In preparation for the SAT test dates available, next spring for juniors, Lake Park High School will offer a course beginning in January 2022 to develop study skills to improve SAT scores. In addition to English, reading, and mathematics preparation, the course emphasizes test-taking strategies and techniques. Students will gain insights into SAT testing situations, practice, and remediation, and explanations to SAT questions and answer choices.
    The Illinois State Board of Education is committed to assessing students through the SAT. More importantly for our students, the SAT is universally accepted as a college entrance exam for universities nationwide. Lake Park's SAT prep course is designed to help students improve the skills needed to raise their SAT scores.
    Although the College Board provides preparatory materials online, this course is beneficial to students because it provides an authentic and interactive learning experience with detailed class instruction, textbooks, and supplemental materials, and an intensive review session prior to the administration of the SAT at Lake Park on April 13, 2022.
    Taught by certified instructors, the course fee is $200 and is offered on either weekdays (Tues/Wed/Thur) after school or Saturday mornings. The registration deadline is Friday, December 10.

Testing Information and Preparation Resources

  • Listed below are some test preparation resources that are provided as a resource. Please note that some test preparation service providers may charge a fee for applicable resources and services.

  • There are many test preparation service providers that may offer resources and services in an independent, individual instruction, and/or group learning environment for a cost that may range from free to a significant expense. It is recommended that, in addition to the aforementioned information, students and families consider how the student learns best and the goals for the test preparation (e.g., general test preparation, specific topics) when considering applicable providers.

Khan Academy

  • Follow instructions about how to create a College Board account and link it to Khan Academy.