Technology @LPHS

  • Laptop in computer lab   Student sitting in a desk working on a laptop   Classroom projector   Students working at computers in a computer lab
    All students deserve access to a high-quality technology tools to learn, enhance productivity, communicate, collaborate, critically think, and create. Lake Park is committed to empowering students, ensuring they are able to take full advantage of the following facilities:
    • Computer labs at each campus
    • Wireless Internet access at both buildings
    • Printed media creation tools
    • Audio/visual creation tools
    • Projection equipment in every classroom 
    • Network-based file storage with access on- and off-campus
    • Google Apps for Education, including cloud-based file storage 
    • Mobile device carts and 1:1 devices
    • Email addresses for conducting school-related business 
    • Mobile devices for take-home use 
    Furthermore, we are committed to helping students learn technology skills and attitudes that will support them in the future:
    • A foundational education in the use of productivity tools - word processors, presentation software, spreadsheets, file conversion, and audio/visual media editing
    • Web and media literacy  
    • Mobile technology 
    • Digital citizenship - the attitudes and behaviors that constitute good citizenship online
    To achieve these goals, Lake Park is committed to supporting teachers and students in their use of technology for innovative instructional and learning practices.