• Quest Food Management Services is excited to offer all your favorite meal items this year by opening food station lines including both breakfast and lunch. The Quest Team is back and busy preparing menus that support our fresh, made from scratch, high-quality dining program.

    The highlights with regard to changes this year include:

Introducing MealTime

  • MealTime is a user-friendly school food service software system, providing fast, friendly customer service that helps your student get through the line quickly.

    MealTime allows you to add funds, receive notifications, and view balances and purchases. Sign up today at: www.mymealtime.com

MealPlanner App

  • Download the Menu App at www.FDMealPlanner.com

    FDMealPlanner is your go-to app for everything on the menu. View the monthly menu or zoom into the day for a close-up of each offer. View ingredients and nutrition information for all menu items. The app provides the perfect way to stay up to date on what is being served in your cafeteria. Download onto your devices today!