• The Lake Park Marching Band organizes in the spring of each year, holds a summer camp, and competes each fall at invitational tournaments and the Bands of America series of competitions.  They also perform at all home football games and host the Marching Band Joust annually in September that attracts bands from across the Midwest to the event.
    The Lake Park Jazz Band organizes after the Marching Band season. Students learn the Jazz idiom and perform at several Lake Park functions as well as presenting a spring concert. 
    The Lake Park Pep Band organizes after the Marching Band season.  They play at many of the boys' and girls' home basketball games.   
    The Lake Park Pit Band is a group of instrumental musicians who play for the school musicals.  
    The Lake Park Percussion Ensemble is a group of percussionists who dedicate their winter to enhancing their skills 
    as musicians.  They attend festivals and perform at the Jazz Band concert in the spring.
    Lake Park Band Website (run by Lake Park Band Parents Association)


  • The Color Guard/Winter Guard performs with flags, sabers, and rifles as part of the Marching Band. Color Guard incorporates flag routines and dance movement into the drill that the band marches.  The season begins in the spring and maintains the same schedule as the Marching Band. Winter Guard performs in a similar manner without the band in the winter months.
    Contact: Maggie Resillez