Lake Park High School District 108

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Program Overview & Description

LPHS - 4 Phase Driver Education Program

Lake Park's Driver Education Department offers students a comprehensive, fully-integrated, four phase program that covers a one semester period of time. The four phases consists of classroom, simulation, range, and on-the-road instruction, these phases exceed requirements established by the State of Illinois.

Before a student can enroll in driver education at Lake Park, he/she must be a sophomore, at least 15 years of age by the first day of class, and must also have received a passing grade in at least eight (8) courses during the previous two (2) semesters, or have received a waiver of this requirement by the Superintendent or building Principal. For Further explanation of this law, contact any member of our driver education department.

Students must pass the classroom phase to meet Lake Park's graduation requirement (.5 credit hrs.), and he/she must pass both the classroom and the driving phases to qualify for an Illinois license prior to age 18. Lake Park also participates in the Cooperative Driver Testing Program with the Illinois Secretary of State's Office which allows L.P.'s specially certified instructors to administer the State Road Test if the student receives an A or B in both the Classroom and the Laboratory phases of the program.