2023 Spirit of Excellence

  • The 2023 Spirit of Excellence Awards

    The Lake Park High School Educational Foundation established the Spirit of Excellence award program to honor excellence at Lake Park High School.

    These seniors were recognized for their service, extraordinary effort, achievement, and leadership throughout their high school years. These students were selected because they possess qualities for other students to emulate and have achieved special accomplishments in addition to their academic success while at Lake Park.

    The following seniors received the Lake Park Spirit of Excellence Award: 

    2023 SOE Student Honorees

    The seven staff members receiving the Spirit of Excellence Awards:

    • Legacy Award: Todd Mickley
    • Spirit Award: Jimmy Kryger
    • Connection Award: Margaret Gawrych, Laura McGovern, Diane Stratton
    • Humanitarian Award: Candice Sagliano
    • Innovator Award: Matt Dorsch

    2023 SOE staff honorees

    The following distinguished alumni will receive the Spirit of Excellence Award for their outstanding career achievements and accomplishments in life: Dr. Scott Ransom (Class of 1987), David Gnadt (Class of 1991), Dr. Michele Kerulis (Class of 1996)

    The 2023 Spirit of Excellence Awards 

    Nominations are now closed for the 2023 Staff and Student awards. 

    Student Nominations

    Students recognized with this award have demonstrated service, extraordinary effort, achievement, and leadership throughout their high school career. These qualities are more than earning excellent grades or taking advanced classes. Students from all walks of life who have made lasting impacts within the Lake Park Community should be nominated.  This award is open to all graduating senior students.

    Staff Nominations

    The staff awards are broken down into 5 different categories and are open to any Lake Park staff member, group of staff or department. The focus of these awards are on an outstanding activity/project/initiative. 

    The 5 staff award categories are:

    • Lancer Spirit Award - positive school spirit and culture
    • Lancer Connection Award - developing strong relationships and a commitment to students, staff, community
    • Lancer Innovator Award - experiment with progressive instruction or pioneer new ways of improving the work-life at Lake Park
    • Lancer Humanitarian Award - show compassion, raise awareness, or lead campaigns
    • Lancer Legacy Award - special recognition of the employee who has made a lasting impact on Lake Park through his/her commitment to teaching, a program he/she is involved in, or area of expertise (must have been at Lake Park a minimum of 5 years)