Distinguished Alumni Awards

  • The Lake Park Educational Foundation annually honors distinguished alumni through its Spirit of Excellence – Distinguished Alumni Award.  Nominees for this award must have graduated from Lake Park High School at least 10 years ago and must have attended the school for at least two years.  Distinguished alumni are men and women who have made outstanding contributions in endeavors such as education, science, business, humanitarianism, literature, religion, and public service.  
    Nominations for the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award are now closed. To Nominate an alumni for the 2021 awards, please fill out the Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form and return it by November 2021.  The 2020 Spirit of Excellence Awards Banquet will take place on April 21, 2020.
    The three Lake Park Distinguished Alumni who will receive the 2019 Spirit of Excellence Award:
    • Dr. Rexanne Struve (Class of 1968)
    • Dr. Rena Szabo (Class of 1987)
    • Ms. Angela Rose (Class of 1996)
    DARP 2019  
    The two Lake Park Distinguished Alumni who will receive the 2018 Spirit of Excellence Award: 

    SOE 2018 DARP

    • Kelly Vlahkis-Hawks (Class of 1995) 
    • Laura Martindale Hatcher (Class of 2006)
    The three Lake Park Distinguished Alumni who received the 2017 Spirit of Excellence Award:
    SOE 2017 DARP  
    • Joseph Sterbis (Class of 1995)
    • Sam Bettis (Class of 1996)
    • Brian Kalish (Class of 2004)


    Past Distinguished Alumni recipients