Funds For Excellence Grants

  • Today, school district budgets are being pulled in many directions and need to support students with multifaceted challenges while providing outstanding curriculum.
    Lake Park High School offers a comprehensive array of courses – for those struggling with mastering basic academic skills to those looking to be challenged by one of over 20 Advanced Placement college-level courses.  
    Unfortunately, most regular school district budgets haven’t grown to keep up with the increasing needs of students and Lake Park is no exception.
    That’s why the Lake Park Educational Foundation is so essential.  Through the Foundation’s Funds for Excellence Program, teachers implement innovative programs that stretch beyond the regular school district budget to provide authentic opportunities for students.  These are programs for today’s students, in today’s world.
    By funding the purchase of radiation monitors, laser printers, refracting telescopes, and other classroom resources, the Foundation continues to open the doors to a variety of hands-on learning experiences.  The Foundation also supports a well-rounded high school experience by supporting valuable field trips and after-school initiatives.
    Since 2005, the Lake Park Educational Foundation has provided over $120,000 to Lake Park High School teachers for innovative programs to enhance the educational opportunities for our students.  We invite you to join the Foundation in growing excellence at Lake Park High School by making a donation to our Funds For Excellence Grants program.  

    Make a contribution to the Lake Park Educational Foundation.