• WOC Freshman Poetry Partnership

    The Lake Park Educational Foundation has created a partnership to continue the ability to offer this innovative program that allows all freshman students to participate.  Please consider donating to the partnership to ensure we are able to offer for years to come.

    The WOC curriculum includes a unit assessment requiring students to author and revise an original poem, learn the poem by heart, and prepare, practice, and perfect the delivery of the poem for a performance assessment that serves as their Quarter Four Summative Assessment.

    This assessment pushes students out of their comfort zone. While it may appear daunting at first, students are able to explore who they are, where they come from, what they value, and what they hope to achieve. This growth experience is especially powerful in continuing to build strong classroom communities through inclusion, connection, and empathy.

    Adam Gottlieb

    Each year, Adam partners with Lake Park's English Department to provide all freshman students the opportunity to explore their identity through the art of performance poetry. Adam is an experienced poet and mentor who provides a safe, constructive space for all students to grow and learn.

    Adam workshops with students through the drafting process and performance preparation. As a WOC team, we’ve recognized the effectiveness of his mentorship and community building, as Adam is able to quickly build rapport and trust with the students, and the students respond remarkably well to Adam and his process.

    Learn more about this valuable program at the WOC Capstone webpage, which includes student examples of work and testimonials!

    Donate now to support this amazing program and allow Lake Park to continue to offer this capstone.