Lancer Emergency Support Fund

  • There are hundreds of students at Lake Park High School whose families face financial challenges every day.  Some of these students qualify to participate in the Free Lunch Program.  Others do not, however a parent may have lost a job or be struggling with other financial issues.
    The Lake Park Educational Foundation’s Lancer Emergency Support Fund was established to make a difference in our community by providing crucial assistance to our students in need. No student should miss an educational opportunity due to his or her family’s limited funds. 
    Here are some of the ways which the Foundation assists through the Lancer Emergency Fund: 
    • ACT Prep Class tuition
    • AP Exam Fees
    • Class Materials
    • Field Trip Expenses
    • Complimentary breakfast and lunch tickets

    The tour of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater was terrific. It was fun and a fantastic experience. This was my first college campus tour, so it was really enlightening, and I acquired a great deal of information about the school and college in general. I am so grateful to the Lake Park Educational Foundation for helping us have the opportunity to walk around and see what college is like and what I can expect in the future.  Student, Class of 2022

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for funding both a portion of my AP exams and the ACT prep class.  Coming from a low income background, obstacles have definitely persisted throughout my life in the way of academic achievements.  With my father being laid off I often felt that I wouldn’t be provided the same opportunities as others.  Your generous assistance has both encouraged me to take greater leaps and given me reassurance that socio-economic backgrounds do not reflect a person’s capability of achievement.  So with that I thank you so much and hope to one day do what you are doing by helping those who have ambitions and the persistence to attain those ambitions.  Thank you so much.  Student, Class of 2016

    Thank you for funding me!  I really appreciate it.  Five tests were just too much money for my family, but I didn’t want to not take some tests.  So thank you for the funding.  It means a lot to me and I hope to continue to help other people in need. Student, Class of 2015