2019 Scholarships Available for Seniors

  • The LPEF is pleased to announce the availability of 31 scholarships totaling over $25,000 for Lake Park High School seniors in the class of 2019.  
    For 2019, Students must submit a completed common scholarship application, essay(s), and appropriate supporting materials for each scholarship.  Scholarship applications are due to the Career Center at Lake Park West Campus by Friday, March 8, 2019.  
    Please review the following scholarship information:
    2018 Scholarship Recipients

    Our 2018 scholarship recipients along with scholarship donors at the Scholarship and Awards Ceremony.


    2018 College Scholarship Recipients:

    Altier Scholarship - Nicholas Kalish, Alex Liberto, Abby Mark, and Poonam Rahman

    Alumni Scholarship - Anissa Patel and Chloe Dwyer

    Dombrowski Scholarship - Stephanie Zachemski

    Barclay Scholarship - Francesca Orlando

    Frizzelle Scholarship - Emanuel Carrera and Christopher Nasiadka

    Hildebrandt Scholarship - Alexandria Colella, Sanjana Dala, and Lindsey Zastawny

    Lovelace Scholarship - Jason Beugnet

    Swierczewski Scholarship - Jessica Angel

    EXCEL Scholarship - Jessica Angel, Jason Beugnet, Grace Biernacki, and Dorotka Widelka

    Annunziata Scholarship - Grace Biernacki and Paige Johnson

    Elliott Scholarship - Jacob Saathoff

    Haas Scholarship - Sebastian Gonzales, Shane Toms, Alexander Kreisher, and Derek Szczekocki

    Itasca Lions Club Scholarship - Fiona O'Brien and Emily Frank

    Bradley Scholarship - Zach Schleimer

    Cychosz Scholarship - Francesca Orlando


College Scholarships

  • College expenses continue to rise at a faster pace than the general cost of living.  In today’s ever-changing world, our youth need the ability to learn and adapt at a quick pace.  The Lake Park High School Educational Foundation awards over $20,000 annually to graduating seniors.
    The Lake Park Educational Foundation encourages you to assist a graduating senior in pursuing a higher education and striving to excel.  Through the scholarship program, you can foster students’ education beyond high school so that they can transform their passions into successful careers.  The Foundation’s scholarship program encourages all of our students to strive for their own personal excellence.
    There are two ways you can help Lake Park students through the scholarship program:
    • You can establish a scholarship in memory of a loved one or in honor of that individual.  The Foundation’s Executive Director will meet with you to determine the selection criteria you would like in establishing the scholarship.  Named scholarships range from $500 - $1,500 annually.  A minimum four-year commitment is required to establish a named scholarship.

    • You can contribute any amount to the Lake Park Educational Foundation’s EXCEL scholarship.