Medications at School


    *** Medications will only be administered with appropriate forms on file in the Nurses' Office. *** 

    Two medication forms are available for downloading and are also available in the Nurses' Office:
    The forms need to be renewed yearly. All medications including prescribed and over-the-counter require the medication authorization form to be completed by both physician and parent.  The medication must be brought to the Nurses' office in its original container. Controlled substances (i.e. ADHD medicine) must be brought to the Nurse by a parent/guardian. At that time, the medication will be counted, logged, and authorized by the Nurse and parent/guardian. If a prescribed medication is required at both home and at school, request that the pharmacy provide two labeled bottles.

    All medications need to be picked up at the end of the school year or will be disposed of appropriately. Students may pick up any remaining medication at the end of the school year; however, a parent/guardian must pick up any remaining controlled substances. If you have any questions, contact the school Nurses' Office.