• Lake Park High School offers the following benefits to employees.

    Certified Salary Schedule

    ESP (Educational Support Personnel) Salary Schedule

    Co-Curricular Stipends

    • Sick Leave  - 15 sick days (including 2 personal business days) are available each school year for administrators, teachers and full-time employees. Earned and unused sick leave is cumulative without limitation.
    • Personal Business Leave  - 2 personal business days are available each school year for eligible employees.  At the end of your fourth year of service employees will be given 3 day personal leave. Personal Business leave is deducted from accumulated sick leave and cannot be used for recreation or travel.
    • Vacations  - 12-Month employees are granted vacation days with pay in accordance with the current Agreement. 12-Month administrators are given 20 vacation days each year.
    • Holidays  - Eligible 12-Month employees are paid for a full-day of work without attendance for legal holidays that occur during their term of employment.
    • Life Insurance  - Full-time employees are entitled to two times their base salary in group term life insurance at the expense of the Board of Education up to $175,000.
    • Medical Insurance  - All full-time employees may participate in single or family major medical insurance programs within HMO or PPO plans. The Board of Education pays for 80% of the monthly cost of health insurance premiums for full-time employees.
    • Dental Insurance  - The Board of Education pays for 80% of the monthly cost of dental insurance premiums for all full-time employees.
    • Vision Insurance  - The Board of Education pays for 80% of the monthly cost of vision insurance premiums for all full-time employees.
    • Disability Income Protection  - The Board of Education pays 100% of the cost of long-term disability insurance coverage for all full-time employees.
    • Flexible Spending Plan  - A pre-tax flexible spending account is available to employees for up to $2500 per year under the terms of the current Agreement.
    • Tax-Sheltered Annuity  - A tax-sheltered annuity (403b) option is available for all employees subject to limitations of Federal Law.
    • Tuition Reimbursement  - Staff members may apply for tuition reimbursement for up to $120 per semester credit hour at colleges or universities. Coursework must be of benefit to Lake Park High School District 108 and pre-approved by the Human Resources Office.
    • Retirement Benefits  - Staff members contribute a portion of their salary to appropriate Federal and State retirement funds (Teachers Retirement System or Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund) as required by law. In addition, the Lake Park Trust Fund provides significant salar y incentives for staff members with twenty (20) or more years of service to the District.