Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

  • TAP is a program designed to support adult students with disabilities. Students transition to TAP once they have completed their high school graduation requirements.  These students typically have disabilities that require structured vocational and functional life skills instruction. Students spend their day on transition activities and vocational tasks, including practicing these skills within the TAP environment and in the community. Students are able to receive Transition Services through the school year of their 22nd birthday. Related services, such as speech and social work, are integrated into the program to support skill development in these areas. The Transition Assistance Program is designed to provide quality transition programming for each student and teach them the necessary skills for a successful transition into adult life with the highest level of independence possible.
    Transition creates a "bridge" between school and adult life for students with disabilities.
  • Transition Assistance Program Goals: 

    • To provide person-centered vocational skills planning, instruction, and training
    • To provide opportunities for students to develop or strengthen independent living skills and self-advocacy skills
    • To support continued emotional and social growth leading to positive relationships, greater self-determination, and confidence
    • To provide opportunities for students to identify and participate in preferred leisure and recreational interest activities
    • To provide meaningful integrated work experiences and career skills that lead to gainful employment or other purposeful opportunities/activities in the community
    • To connect students and families with appropriate agencies and resources that support post-secondary outcomes
  • Questions:

    If you have questions about special education eligibility, please contact:
    Kim Murphy
    Director of Special Education
    (630) 295-5202

    Transition Center
    1350 W. Lake Street
    Roselle, IL 60172

What is Lake Bark Bakery? 

  • Lake Bark Bakery is a student-centered entrepreneurial project to promote community involvement and develop work skills in an authentic and motivating way. Lake Bark Bakery is managed by Transition Assistance Program (TAP) students. The purpose of Lake Bark Bakery is multifaceted; it incorporates the development of various independent daily living and vocational skills including: grocery skills, food preparation, kitchen safety, time and money management, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork. Lake Bark Bakery has a partnership with Second City Canine Rescue. Students complete various tasks for their organization and also deliver treats for adoption counselors to give to families when a dog is adopted at their weekly adoption events.
    Visit the Lake Bark Bakery website for more information and an order form.