• The Pathways Program provides services for students with mild/moderate Intellectual Disabilities, students with Autism, and students with Other Health Impairments.  Students eligible for the Pathways Program have demonstrated the need for a highly structured class setting with a primary focus on functional skill development. The Pathways Program provides group and direct instruction to students with a focus on functional academics, community based instruction, daily living skills, and vocational skill development.  Students enrolled in the Pathways Program earn credits towards a Lake Park diploma. The Pathways Program is available at West Campus for grades 9-12.  

    The Pathways Program lays the foundation for students to develop skills necessary to achieve their individual goals as they transition into adult life. Students in the Pathways Program are encouraged to enroll in the Lake Park Transition Assistance Program (TAP) after they have met their graduation requirements to further develop adult life and vocational skills.