Lake Park High School Facts

  • Lake Park High School District 108 serves approximately 3,000 students in grades nine through twelve. Located in Roselle, Illinois, the District has two campuses. Freshmen and sophomores attend East Campus, 600 South Medinah Road, while juniors and seniors attend West Campus, 500 West Bryn Mawr. The District offices are located at 590 South Medinah Road in Roselle. The East and West Campuses each have a principal, assistant principal for student services and assistant principal for instructional services.

    Lake Park High School offers a broad and deep range of approximately 245 course offerings in nine different academic areas, and at several ability levels. We offer 24 Advanced Placement courses in which college-level material is studied. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit by scoring sufficiently high on AP exams which are administered in May. Each university and college determines the courses and scores that are needed to grant credit.

    Students may also choose from a variety of meaningful electives through which to explore career opportunities. Our Career and Technical Education department includes classes in business education, cooperative education, family and consumer sciences, and industrial technology. The Fine Arts Department includes art and music.

    More than 40 different student activities and clubs offer students the opportunity to discover their special interests. An extensive fine arts program offers students the opportunity to participate in a nationally ranked marching band, or state award-winning drama program. There are three student publications and many special interest clubs.

    The comprehensive sports program offers girls and boys opportunities in IHSA sports. Many sports offer several levels to encourage participation. Girls can participate in cross country, golf, swimming, tennis, volleyball, basketball, bowling, gymnastics, track and field, badminton, soccer, softball, cheerleading and pom/dance. Boys can participate in cross country, football, golf, soccer, basketball, bowling, swimming, track and field, wrestling, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, and cheerleading. Students can earn certificates, letters, pins and gold bars throughout their athletic endeavors at Lake Park.
    The Community

    The citizens in northeast DuPage County founded Lake Park High School District 108 in 1953 and the doors opened in 1956. Located 30 miles west of downtown Chicago, the District serves portions of Roselle, Bloomingdale, Hanover Park, and Wood Dale, and all of Itasca, Keeneyville, and Medinah.