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Resources for Lake Park Students

Calculator Database - Please register your graphing calculator here so that lost calculators can be returned to you.

Graphing Calculator Requirement -All students will need a TI-84 Plus calculator for personal use, regardless of course placement or ability level. All classroom instruction will be taught using this TI-84 plus calculator. Should a student bring a graphing calculator to class besides the TI-84 Plus, they will be responsible for learning the procedures for their specific model independently.

Don't throw out the TI Points on the Calculator Packaging!!! Please ask your students to turn in their TI Points codes from their calculator packages to their Lake Park math teacher. This is not the UPC code, but a different symbol that can be seen by clicking here. The link also describes the program in more detail. We thank you in advance for supporting Lake Park by turning in these points. With these points, we are able to earn the latest tech equipment to enhance our classroom instruction.

Graphing Calculator Rental Program - A limited number of calculators are available through Lake Park's Calculator Rental Program. Click here to download the rental agreement that must be signed by the student and a guardian, and then returned to the main office. This agreement outlines the rental program process.

ACT/SAT Test Prep - Lake Park students have access to free standarized test preparation programs through Kaplan. Click here for more information. Kaplan also offers free digital flashcards for both the ACT and SAT tests on mobile devices. Click here to learn how to download the app. More flashcards are available at This site also allows students to create their own flashcards and a mobile app is available for download. Khan Academy has partnered with the College Board to provide free test prep.

Calculus or Statistics? -Click here to review a description of the differences between AP Calculus and AP Statistics to help make course decisions for senior year.

Summer Math Packet Requirement - A summer math packet is assigned to all students entering any math course (except AP Statistics) in an effort to establish a strong mathematical foundation upon which higher level math principles are built. The summer packet is a guide to the topics contained on a Mastery Quiz that will be taken within the first week of school. The cover letter of each packet will indicate the minimum score required on each topic quiz in order to receive credit. These Mastery Quiz scores will be the first grades recorded in each math class, so it is important that students not only complete the packet, but that they have strong understanding of the concepts covered. Instead of a summer packet, students entering AP Statistics will have a summer reading assignment. These packets/reading assignments will be posted on the department homepage no later than May 1st each year.

Lake Park Math Team - Any student who enjoys mathematics, likes to work both by themselves and with other students, and has an interest in doing problems beyond the typical “textbook” problems is encouraged to join the math team. Click here to access Lake Park's Math Team website for more information.

Lake Park Math Tutoring -

Tutoring is provided by Lake Park math teachers during every period at both campuses in the library unless otherwise noted. Students are encouraged to get help during their study hall, SSP, or lunch period. Below is a list of the LP math teachers that are tutoring by period.

East Campus Math Tutors

Before School: Aulakh (Room 230)

1st Period: Weller

5th Period: Gard

2nd Period: Miller

6th Period: Williams

3rd Period: Castellanos

7th Period: Safranek

4th Period: Harrington

8th Period: Ivory

After School: Aulakh (Room 230)

West Campus Math Tutors

Before School: Kennebeck and Becker (Room 227)

1st Period: Anticevich

5th Period: Mehic

2nd Period: Bishop

6th Period: Nellessen

3rd Period: Pawlak

7th Period: Roloff

4th Period: Doran

8th Period: Kennebeck

After School: Kennebeck and Becker (Room 227)

Trinity Community Center Evening Tutoring -

Math tutoring is available at the Trinity Community Center on Tuesday and Thursday evenings:

Tuesday  6:30-8:30 pm

Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm

This is by appointment ONLY. Please email indicating your name andmath course at least 24 hours in advance. For more information call 630-894-3916 or 874-891-1364.  If you don't make an appointment, no one will be there! A one-time registration fee of $15 covers tutoring costs for the entire school year.


Blank Graph Paper
Blank Homework Template 

Generic Activity Template

Generic Activity Template with Graphs

Polar Graph Paper

Proof Template (Two Per Sheet)

Proof Template (One Per Sheet)