Lake Park High School District 108

Learning Together for Success

Lake Park Graduation Requirements

To earn a high school diploma, a student must successfully complete all graduation requirements as specified by the Lake Park District 108 Board of Education, the Illinois State Board of Education, and The School Code of Illinois. Students must have ACT scores on file to graduate, per the Illinois State Board of Education. The graduation requirements are:

3.0 credits   Mathematics*                                                                                     
0.5 credit    Consumer Education                                                                           
4.0 credits   English                                                                                              
4.0 credits   Physical Education (includes Health and Driver Education)                     
3.0 credits   Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)                                             
3.0 credits   Social Studies                                                                                     
3.5 credits   Electives (chosen by the student)                                                          
1.0 credit    Art, Drama, Debate, Journalism, Music, World Language, or Career and Technical Education (Business, Family & Consumer Science, Technology & Engineering)      

22.0 creditTOTAL (minimum)                                                                          

 *Three credits of mathematics, one of which must be Algebra I and one must be a course that includes geometry content.