District 108 Strategic Plan

  • Mission

    The Lake Park High School community will inspire in students a sense of personal responsibility and a passion for learning while challenging them to reach their full potential.


    We will know we are accomplishing our mission when each of our students becomes:
    A Complex Thinker Who:
    * analyzes, evaluates, and synthesizes information and ideas from multiple resources to make responsible, informed decisions.
    * applies flexible and creative ideas, strategies, and technologies to identify and solve problems.
    * solves problems by generating possible solutions, anticipating possible consequences, and evaluating results.

    An Effective Communicator Who:

    * gives and follows instructions accurately.
    * understands, organizes, and expresses ideas in standard written and spoken English.
    * understands, organizes, and expresses ideas in appropriate languages, including those of the arts, mathematics, and other sciences.

    A Responsible Citizen Who:

    * promotes and supports attitudes, practices, and policies that enhance and perpetuate our democracy and enhance the quality of life in our multicultural, interdependent world.
    * participates as an integral part of a team to achieve goals.
    * works with others for the purpose of resolving conflicts peacefully and in reaching decisions.
    * demonstrates, supports, and challenges leadership when appropriate to the situation.

    An Ethical Person Who:

    * develops and demonstrates a strong sense of personal identity and values.
    * makes responsible decisions that balance self-interest with the interests of others.
    * displays the qualities of caring, respect for others, honesty, integrity, fairness, and community.

    A Self-directed Individual Who:

    * takes responsibility for self-improvement and ongoing learning.
    * evaluates, adapts, and plans using the lessons of the past and forecasts of the future.
    * identifies, understands, and develops healthy mental and physical behaviors.

    A Quality Worker Who:

    * creates high quality products, services, and performances through independent actions and teamwork.
    * identifies, organizes, plans, and allocates resources efficiently.


    As a learning community that cares about young adults:

    We will exhibit the values that we expect our students to achieve, such as those of the Ideal Lake Park Graduate.
    We will encourage creativity, flexibility and risk taking in our operations and programs for students.
    We will maintain public trust, fiscal responsibility and accountability at all times.
    We are all teachers, learners and leaders who model professionalism in all of our interactions.
    We will foster a safe environment with respect for all individuals.

    District Strategic Priorities

    1. We will STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE in all of our programs and practices.
    2. We will CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY to maximize family and community involvements
    3. We will MAXIMIZE THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY to improve instruction, administration and communication.
    4. We will SERVE AND SUPPORT STUDENTS to help them be successful.
    5. We will ensure that each student has access to CHALLENGING CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION in an active learning environment.