Transcript Requests

  • Transcripts

    Student transcripts that include course and GPA information can be accessed/viewed via the Home Access Center by selecting the "Grades" icon and then the "Transcript" tab. Please note that standardized test scores are not listed on the Lake Park High School transcript and students must request official test scores be sent directly by the testing agency if required by their college. Beginning with the Class of 2019, Lake Park High School does not report class rank of any kind.

    Requesting Official Transcripts

    Lake Park students must submit requests for official transcripts via Parchment

    • Video Tutorial - Common App & Parchment
      • Invite your counselor on Common App
      • Place an order in Parchment for a transcript to be sent via Common App.
      • You MUST complete both steps in order for your counselor to submit the required School Report on Common App.
    • Additional Parchment Videos
    • Instructions
      • Creating an account and requesting a transcript.
    • Mid-Year (7th Semester) Transcripts
      • If your college requires you to send a 7th semester transcript, which includes grades from first semester of senior year, you will need to put in an additional transcript request in January once first semester grades are available.
    • Submitting a final transcript request
      • This is for seniors sending their final transcript to the school they will be attending after graduation.
    • Parchment Help Center

    Please allow at least 5 school days for a transcript request to be processed / the transcript to be sent to the indicated destination.

    2021-22 Lake Park High School Profile - General information regarding Lake Park, the available course offerings, grading system, etc. This document is sent with all official transcripts.

  • Transcripts & College Applications

    General Notes

    • Some colleges may not require an official transcript with the admissions application and may instead ask students to self-report this information.
    • Transcript requests submitted via the SENDedu system will not be processed, such requests should be submitted via Parchment.
    • If a student has completed coursework at a college or other high school, it is recommended that the student consults with the Admissions Office of any applicable college(s) to see if a transcript from the college or other high school will be required.

    Types of Applications

    • College Specific
      • If applying to a college via that college's application, students should request a transcript be sent to that college through Parchment
    • Common App
      • If applying to a college(s) via the Common Application, students should request that one transcript be sent to the Common Application through Parchment. All schools the student is applying to via the Common Application will receive the transcript from the Common Application system and it is not necessary to send additional transcripts to each individual school.
      • First, invite your counselor on the "My Colleges" tab in Common App if you have not done so already.
      • Second, order your transcript in Parchment. Search for "Common App" as the academic institution. You will then need to enter your CAID, which is in the upper right corner when signed into your Common App account. Confirm you CAID to link the two accounts. You may need to refresh Parchment after doing this step. Follow the prompts to complete your order.
    • Coalition Application
      • If applying to a college(s) via the Coalition Application, students should request that a transcript be sent to each individual school from Parchment, transcript requests should not be submitted and will not be processed through the Coalition Application