March: Poonam Rahman - Class of 2018

  • 2021

  • This month we shine the spotlight on Poonam Rahman from the Lake Park class of 2018. Poonam is the Founder and CEO of Virtue Mental, an international nonprofit which focuses on providing free mental health resources to underprivileged communities.

    In 2020, Poonam graduated from College of DuPage with an Associates in Arts and is now pursuing her Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience and a minor in Management at Roosevelt University. Poonam plans to go on to Medical School.

    Poonam's advice to students is to "never give up". Poonam has also established two scholarships through the LPEF scholarship program - the Poonam Rahman Scholarship and the Virtue Mental Scholarship.

    Poonam is also be highlighted in our monthly Lake Park Alumni Spotlight video.