• 2020 oct

October: Esteban Diaz - Class of 2012

  • We shine the spotlight on Esteban Diaz from the Lake Park class of 2012. Esteban is the Community Youth Services Project Lead for the Kenneth Young Center. The Kenneth Young Center's mission is to partner with communities to support people of all ages to navigate life's challenges through personalized prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery. The organization fosters healthier communities through counseling, treatment, and support for those in need.
    Esteban is the project lead on the Community Youth Services grant for the Communities for Positive Youth Development diversion within the Kenneth Young Center.
    Esteban says his greatest accomplishment since graduation from Lake Park "has been being a first-generation college graduate of a Latino family. This accomplishment has allowed me the opportunity to work with youth with similar backgrounds as mine in the area where I grew up." Esteban has a Bachelor's Degree from Elmhurst College in Secondary Education.

    Lake Park Alumni Spotlight Video