Letters of Recommendation

  • Requesting Letters of Recommendation

    When requesting a letter of recommendation, please follow these steps:

    • Check to see if a recommendation letter is required for the college(s) you are applying to. Many colleges do not require a letter and will not use it as part of your application review. Please do not ask staff members to write a letter unless you are sure you need one.
    • Determine if you need a teacher recommendation, counselor recommendation, or both. If you need help finding this information, the College & Career Counselor can assist you.
    • Ask your recommender if they would be willing to write you a letter. Please do this BEFORE adding them to an online application form.
    • "Invite" your recommender on Common App, Coalition or the College's website as applicable.
      • This usually entails entering their email address and basic contact information
    • Fill the information sheet below and return it to your teacher or counselor AT LEAST 10 school days before your earliest application deadline. 
    • Thank your recommender!


    Please complete the appropriate form(s) below and return it to your teacher or counselor to assist them in writing your recommendation letter(s). When providing information for letters of recommendation, students should identify their key achievements and attributes. Examples are helpful! Please submit any requests for a recommendation AT LEAST 10 school days prior to the applicable deadline.

    Teacher Recommendations 

     Counselor Recommendations