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Voluntary SHIELD Illinois COVID-19 Testing

Lake Park High School District 108 plans to begin SHIELD testing this school year. This testing will occur on-campus during the students’ regular school day. Parents/Guardians wanting to opt their students into the Lake Park SHIELD Illinois program will need to complete and submit the Consent Form for COVID-19 Testing & Release of Records. Students from families who complete and submit this form by Tuesday, August 31 will be included in the first week of testing. Anyone who completes and submits the opt-in consent form following the initial deadline will be added to the program on a rolling basis. If no action is taken, families will not be included in the Lake Park SHIELD Illinois program.

SHIELD Illinois is a saliva-based RT-PCR COVID-19 screening and testing program developed by the University of Illinois that can detect the virus in pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers in only 6-12 hours versus the two to three day turn around for other, more invasive, RT-PCR tests. Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for more information about SHIELD.

The purpose behind making this testing available to all students and staff members is to help us maximize a safe learning environment and keep students and staff in school. Given the fast turnaround of the results from this test, parents/guardians, the District, and the Illinois Department of Public Health will receive results within 24-hours of testing. Student participation in this program is completely voluntary and highly encouraged.