• Guidance and Counseling Department
    The Lake Park High School Counseling Department works as a team to offer information and advisement that enable students to choose and implement the most positive, appropriate and productive comprehensive education plan. Collaborating with nurses, psychologists, social workers, deans, other support staff, along with parents and community, the Lake Park Counseling Department functions as an integral part of the student’s educational program.
    Summer School Registration
    Information about the schedule, cost and enrollment for summer school is now available. Download more details and access the registration form. First semester registration is due by Friday, May 25.
    Boot Camps
    Lake Park will be offering Boot Camp classes again this summer at East Campus. The classes are designed to provide enrichment and a sound foundation in different subject areas. All classes are offered on a non-credit basis. Classes will run depending on enrollment; therefore, a full refund will be processed if classes are cancelled due to low enrollment. Download more details and access the registration form.  
    Driver Education 
    Driver Education will be offered from June 11 to July 20. Registration is due by Monday, May 14Download more details and access the registration form.  
    Counseling Calendar