Range Phase

  • LPHS Range Phase

    The range facility at Lake Park is an 80,000-square foot lot that is lighted and restricted to student use only during the school day. Students drive to instructions given by an instructor who is in an observation tower and communicates through the vehicle's radio.

    Our range is designed in such a manner as to provide experiences which allow students to develop and exercise the human functions of perception, judgment, and decision-making. Driving ranges which emphasize the development of human functions (perception, judgment, and decision-making) will allow students to mix on the range. Vehicles will not be kept in exercise areas for the major portion of the range lesson. In fact at any particular time, only one or two vehicles would be mastering some type of maneuver while the rest would be meeting each other in situations similar to those experienced on-street. The specific objectives of a range designed with this principle in mind are to enhance the visual search patterns, judgment and decision-making abilities of beginning drivers. Lessons can be structured in such a manner so that the beginning driver is required to more critically observe and analyze traffic flow thereby enabling him to merge and/or blend with the flow of traffic on the facility under conditions that are very comparable to real world driving.

    Research and study have shown that the actions a driver takes are based directly upon his/her decision-making abilities. These decisions can only be as good as the information upon which they are based. Adequate visual perception and proper judgments of time and space form the basis upon which sound decisions are made while driving. The use of a multiple-car driving range can add significantly to the development of these human processes in a much safer environment for young, inexperienced drivers.