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Behind the Wheel

On-Road Phase
Behind The Wheel

LPHS On-Road Phase

The On-Road Phase (Behind the Wheel) is designed to teach psychomotor and decision-making skills in traffic. It is in this phase we bring together what has been taught in the classroom, simulation, and range. It is also at this point in the student's program that the parents or driving coaches are expected to assist with as much practice (homework) as possible. Without this practice at home, the development of a competent roadway user is incomplete.

The successful driving career of each student depends heavily on quality practice time at home during this semester and long after. We highly encourage parents to spend as much practice time with your child as possible. Studies have found students that become safe efficient drivers learn to drive over an extended period of time.

Parents need to be vigilant even after the completion of driver education, by restricting when their child drives and how many passengers are allowed in the car. This is becoming such an issue in Illinois and across the country that Graduated Licensing began here in 1998 and legislation is being introduced in many other states each year.