Lake Park High School District 108

Learning Together for Success

Computer Lab Procedures

 General Computer Lab
The rules/procedures below apply to the use of the school's computer laboratories. The rules/procedures are in addition to those contained in the Lake Park Acceptable Use Agreement. 
  • Students may converse with each other about current computer projects. When conversing, students may use no more than a two-foot voice level. 
  • Food, candy, gum, and beverages may not be consumed in the lab. 
  • Cosmetics may not be applied in the lab. 
  • Workstation area must be cleared of all student materials and refuse at the end of the work period. 
  • Academic use of the comptuers takes priority over non-academic use. 
  • Restarting the computer, turning it off, logging off, and/or closing windows as a lab aide or teacher approaches is inappropriate.
Students not with a teacher must:
  • have a Lake Park ID 
  • sign in 
  • use only the computer the lab aide assigns to them
The following priorities will be used in assigning workstations:
  • Classes 
  • Students working on assignments directly related to a class. 
  • Non-class specific computing. Students involved in non-class specific computing will be asked to relinquish their assigned workstation if it is needed by a class or a student working on a class assignment. 
  • Students may print ONLY class-related items.
  • If in doubt, the student must check with the lab aide or teacher. Students must have permission before printing large print jobs.