Pride in Performance

  • About Pride in Performance
    Pride in Performance is a Lake Park recognition program which honors students in four categories: Academics, Activities, Athletics, and Personal Achievement. The program recognizes students in these categories every six weeks and supplements school department, conference, and state recognition programs.
    This category concentrates on a student's performance level: grade point average, class rank, level of classes taken, and classroom leadership contributions.
    The Activity category gives recognition to the student who has made important contributions in an extra-curricular program. Organizations and clubs that have individuals who have performed in an exceptional manner or have demonstrated important social talents will be considered.
    Personal Achievement
    This category highlights students who have made exceptional contributions to the total school program, the overall school environment, or have demonstrated maturity and academic achievement.
    This category recognizes students who have excelled in the area of sports on an individual basis or as a contributing member of a team sport.