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Databases- you will need passwords to access these from home.  Think of your school name and mascot.

Culture Grams Culture grams is a great database for statistical as well as cultural information.  You can find things ranging from population and songs to recipies and cultural celebrations. 
World Geography/World History Select the World Geography & World History options when searching for your topic in this database.  You can also select Spain from a pull down menu.  Covers Background, people, customs, lifestyles, society, photo gallery, recipe collection.
Grolier General Online Encyclopedia, but has Spanish Cuisine, Music, Art, and Architecture, Land, Resources, People,
Reference eBooks Reference Books delivered electronically- search hundereds of books at once!
Infotrac-Student Resource Center Silver Type in Spain or other specific information that you are interested in.


Spanish Culture Don Quijote  --Fiestas, music, cinema, food and recipes, Flamenco, Siexta, famous people, painters, writers, dances, history, languages, fashion, architects, bullfights - it's all here at the Don Quijote web site. 
All about Spain --regions and geography, Spain A-Z, cities, general history, architecture, Flamenco, bullfighting, Fiestas and Folklore, gastronomy (food) and night life. 
Spain Data  --simplified infomation on several Spanish topics.
Spain --Maps, Bullfighting, Bullrunning, Flammenco, the Tomato Fight, Festivals, Sports, history, other general information. 
Enforex - Spanish in the Spanish World  --Festivals, Movies, Dance, Music, Food, History, News, Drinks.
In Spain --what to do in Spain, skiing, travel, food, photography, travel, if you can do it in Spain, it's here. 
Travel Spain  --use this site to get ready for your trip through Spain. 
Architecture - Gaudi  --all things Gaudi. 
List of Spanish Holidays  --no information here but a listing of the holidays.
Spanish Football (soccer) --links to many categories and all your favorite Spanish teams.
Famous Spanish people --with some links to web sites. 
The Spanish Royal Family  --links to everything royal.
More Spanish Royal Family --great description.
Artcyclopedia --enter the name of your artist here for great information.
Governments of the WWW --links to tons of pages - first set are in Spanish.  Scroll to bottom to Addtional Information to find pages in English.
License Plates of the World --Click on the S at the top then scroll down to Spain on the left and see if their plates are much different than the States.
Spanish Artists --links to many artist with grade levels for the web sites listed. 
Spain --links to just about everything.  
History --culture, painters, travel, many sites to wet your appetite. 
Spanish Civil War --cites for information on the Civil War from 1936-1939.
Spanish History --from 1939-1975. 
Spanish History --from 1975 to the present.
Drama --links to modern and ancient.