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Health Class Nutrients Unit


Salt for Human Nutrition  --good explanation of salt and why the body needs it to survive.  Many links to answer questions for the reflective essay. 
A Pinch of Salt   --how much is too much?  
Too much or too little  --what would you do? 


Calcium as a nutrient --charts and explanations.
Enough is enough --how much do you need? 
Bone Density test  --not a complete test for calcium deficency but an indication of a lack of the mineral. 


Iron as a nutrient and its effects --good description.
Iron dissorders --too much or too little? 
Tests for iron --many tests for iron in the bood depending on what you are looking for. 


As a nutrient  --description of good and bad cholesterol. 
Too much or too little  --detailed look but worth the effort. 
The tests --what messures what and how to interpret the information.   

Dietary Fiber

As a nutrient --benefits, sources, how much do you need, food stop shopping.
Too much or too little  --what's right for you?  
Northwestern's take on dietary fiber  --more answers to your questions. 


Q&A about fat  --questions answered and more you didn't even know you had. 
Fat in your diet  --description.  
Fat test  --combine this with the cholesterol test and you'll have a good indication of whether you may be at risk. 

Vitamin A

Fact Sheet from the Office of Dietary Supplements  --includes amounts needed, what happens when you get too much or too little, how do you rectify it and its effects. 
Testing for Vitamin A deficiency  --description. 
Other reasons to consider Vitamin A --some interesting arguments for you paragraphs. 

Vitamin C

Fact Sheet from Ohio State  --why you need it, what are good sources, how much do you need and what foods are fortified with it. 
Too much or too little  --scroll down to the section on Vitamin C. 
Vitamin C screening quiz --this screens you then will suggest a test for rickets or some such if indicated.